Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who Needs to Watch a Video of Beheadings?

There is a very twisted form of self-righteousness that creeps up on a variety of right-wing blogs now and then that is extremely disturbing. It condones the idea that when a barbaric terrorist video that shows beheadings of US soldiers, such as the one purportedly released today by al Quaeda, people on the left/Democrats/antiwar advocates ought to required to watch such brutality in order to 'understand' the enemy. (I refuse to link to any of the sites propogating such beliefs because many either present the video, still photos or provide links to them). They assume that we have no idea how terrorists operate or what horrendous deeds they are capable of.

To those who hold such beliefs, I would ask these questions:

1) In order for me to understand the horror of the torture and death of an American child at the hands of an American criminal, is it necessary for me to watch a video or look at images of that desecration of human life?

2) If your child had been tortured and killed, would you want millions to watch the video of such an act?

The answers, I would hope, are obvious.

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