Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israel Attacks Beirut's Airport

Three* runways at Beirut's airport were struck by a reported six Israeli rockets. All flights have now been diverted and the terminal was not hit during what is a busy tourist season.
*according to CNN live reports

In other violence:

The attack followed waves of dawn air strikes against targets in villages in southern Lebanon that killed at least 10 civilians and a policeman and wounded dozens of civilians, security sources said.


Hizbollah said it fired shells and rockets at three command centers inside north Israel and attacked Israeli border posts early on Thursday.

Dozens of Israeli air strikes hit at least 12 bridges and suspected Hizbollah posts on Wednesday, killing two Lebanese civilians and a Hizbollah fighter as well as disrupting fixed-line communications between Beirut and south Lebanon.

Bombardment by land and sea added devastation to south Lebanon's road network.

Israel is also maintaining a heavy attack on the Gaza strip, where it bombed the office of the Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

Israel killed at least 24 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, including nine members of one family in an air strike that destroyed a house where the army said senior Hamas commanders were meeting.

CNN has more as does the BBC.

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