Friday, July 28, 2006

Israel/Lebanon War Updates

Updated throughout the day.

- Bush and the poodle held a press conference today in which both were very defensive about their support of Israel's ongoing bombardment of Lebanon and Gaza. 'Stay the course' Tony was obviously perturbed as was The Decider. The tone was 'look! what part of this don't you all get?'. While some people were openly hoping that Tony would somehow infiltrate The Decider's grey matter to get him to call for a ceasefire, they forgot about the power of the evil neocons who obviously sent telepathic laser-guided nasty rays to Tony's cranium to make sure he toed the Bushco line. That's how I saw it all, anyway.

- BBC has more on Tony and George's meeting today including the call made by both of them for an international force to be sent to the region ASAP. Of course, Bush isn't interested in sending any of his country's soldiers to participate and many countries have been less than forthcoming about committing their troops as well. So, who's going to end up there? Who knows?

Here is Tony and George's bestest plan:

Help provide immediate humanitarian relief

Achieve an end to the violence

Return those displaced by the crisis

Help with reconstruction

A 4th grader could have come up with the same ideas. What a waste of time that meeting was.


Earlier on Friday, two mortar rounds hit a convoy of vehicles carrying civilians escaping the violence in southern Lebanon.

The BBC's Jim Muir, who was with the convoy, said two people travelling in German TV vehicle were wounded when the rounds exploded next to their car.

The convoy, organised by the Australian embassy, was returning to the port city of Tyre from the border village of Rmeish, where hundreds of people have been trapped by the Israeli offensive.

Our correspondent says the cars were clearly marked as a press and civilian convoy, and that individual journalists had been in contact with the Israelis who knew about the journey.

A BBC security adviser travelling in a car behind the German car said he believed the mortar rounds had been fired from the Israeli side.

The Israeli Defence Forces say they do not believe it was one of their mortars but say they are still checking.

- Kofi's holding a press conference too as I write this. I'll post more about that later.

- The UN has decided to pull its unarmed observers out of Lebanon.

- The US State Department say's it outraged...outraged! over 'a suggestion by Israel that it has been authorised by the world to continue bombing Lebanon'. And so they should be. It was only Canada, the US and Britain that gave them the authorization, after all.

more to come...

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