Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Howard Dean Calls Maliki an "Anti-Semite"

You know, it was bad enough when Democratic congressperson William Delahunt called the Iraq prime minister's statements 'anti-semitic'. Now, Howard Dean has gone one step further and has labeled Maliki an 'anti-semite'.

"The Iraqi prime minister is an anti-Semite," the Democratic leader told a gathering of business leaders in Florida. "We don't need to spend $200 and $300 and $500 billion dollars bringing democracy to Iraq to turn it over to people who believe that Israel doesn't have a right to defend itself and who refuse to condemn Hezbollah."

The Republicans then seized the opportunity to (rightly) attack Dean:

The Republican National Committee rejected Dean's criticism of Al-Maliki, saying, "It is incredibly troubling that Howard Dean would seek to score cheap political points by attacking the democratically elected prime minister of Iraq."

On Capitol Hill, Sen. John Warner, R-Va., the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said: "I dismiss Howard Dean. Really, he's a disappointment, even to Democrats. I don't care to deal with that."

Enough is enough. If I was an American Democrat, I certainly wouldn't be voting for the Dems this fall.

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