Monday, July 24, 2006

Random News & Views Roundup

- This soldier fought the US army and won. And, I know some soldiers will do anything to return to Iraq, but this story about Cheney re-enlisting an amputee just makes me sad.

- Stand up to US, voters tell Blair; 63% say PM has tied Britain too close to White House. Right, I'm sure Blair will get right on that (as soon as monkeys fly outta my butt).

- Bushco invited an Iranian dissident to the White House. He said no thanks.

- My city, Calgary, Alberta has now reached the million mark. (Have I mentioned how much I hate city living?)

- Ezra Levant is still a wanker:

Of course, the main weapon Iran will use is still some months away from deployment: A nuclear bomb. It's not just the Jewish state that should fear a nuclear bomb in the hands of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's top mullah.

- Speaking of wankertude, how about them Dems?

- Don't look now, but China is up to something.

- Bush is being sued again. This time it's over the evacuation efforts from Lebanon and the fact that the US is shipping weapons to Israel while Americans are still in danger in Lebanon.

- Southeast Asia adds its voice to the calls for a ceasefire and objects to Israel's use of excessive force.

- Richard Cohen: Israel is "the only democratic state in the Middle East." Do I really have to say anything about that?

- 'Kidnapped in Israel or captured in Lebanon? Good question.

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