Sunday, July 23, 2006

Random News & Views Roundup

- There's a new Canadian community blog site: The Next Agenda.

Site's purpose:

The Next Agenda favours a political philosophy of progress toward better conditions for all Canadians. We respect the rights, opinions and practices of others. We embrace new ideas and positive change. We uphold human rights, women’s rights, reproductive rights, environmentalism, multiculturalism, universal healthcare and education.

The Next Agenda does not represent a specific political party but supports political candidates and elected representatives who demonstrate a commitment to progressive ideals. The Next Agenda is a place for sharing ideas, informed and civilized debate, and rousing the community to action. It is not a place for hateful comments, bigotry, authoritarianism or unwarranted smear campaigns.

Canadians are interested and informed about a wide variety of topics, including international affairs, especially American politics, and the NA diaries reflect a broad range of interests.

Good stuff. I've already signed up, even though I despise ratings systems, but at least they've assigned good definitions to their ratings ie. agree, disagree etc. instead of 'you are a God among men'. These community blogs (like Daily Kos, Booman Tribune and My Left Wing) always have wars eventually. If I was a betting person, I'd lay odds on when the first one will be. Let's hope the site is well-administrated.

- Are any of you out there getting war news fatigue already? Mine ebbs and flows. It's tough covering inhumanity, but at least I don't have to live it, so I carry on.

- Uni Avnery on 'Stop that shit'. Ralph Nader also has some advice for Bush.

- Just what the world needs: more nukes in Pakistan. The US, of course, has already taken sides by supplying India with nuke technology. And screw this "nuclear club" business as if its some country club with deadly weapons where countries score points by outdoing each other while sipping tea and munching on foie gras.

- John Bolton is in for a tough ride if he intends to be confirmed as US ambassador to the UN (he was appointed by Bush last time). Chris Dodd has promised a 'bruising fight'. Good. Let's see who else joins him in the verbal rumble.

- Check out Znet. Tons of content from writers like Fisk, Chomsky and Arundhati Roy.

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