Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Ceasefire Scoreboard

On her flight to Malaysia from Rome, Condi warned Iran and Syria not to block a ceasefire.

So, who wants a ceasefire now?

Saudi Arabia
Kofi Annan
etc. etc. etc.
(I got tired of looking for links.)

Who doesn't want a ceasefire?

And, of course, the US.

Will Condi now warn Israel and the US not to block a ceasefire?

Ms Rice said she was pleased with the outcome of the Rome meeting and strongly rejected suggestions the United States was alone in not seeking an immediate ceasefire.

"It was not all countries calling for an immediate ceasefire and the United States saying 'no, we need to have an urgent and sustainable ceasefire'," said Ms Rice, who declined to name which countries had supported her view.

The United States fought hard and won language in the final communique that excluded a call for an "immediate ceasefire", arguing that conditions needed to be right otherwise such a truce would quickly break down.

Yes, just keep flying all over the world to places like Malaysia while people die. Good idea.

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Update: CBC reports that Canada and Britain also opposed an immediate ceasefire.

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