Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Exposing Vicious Canadian Right-Wing Blogger Hatred

This comment by the right-wing blogger, the arabian knight of Arabian Dissent, exposes just how extreme some of our fellow Canadian bloggers are:

Forget Catnip. She's a racist bitch who believes Muslims are too stupid for democracy and are not worthy of humanitarian aid. These types of people you really don't need in your life. Let her contaminate her own party and reveal to the public just what kind party they are. Again do not waste your energy on people like her. You might as well be trying to convince David Duke of racial equality ...its useless and a waste of time.

I'll tell you what's truly a waste of time: reading that person's blog. I have never expressed anything resembling such opinions because I do not have such opinions. And, I do not even belong to a political party, so that's a red herring as well.

There are people out there who certainly believe that Muslims deserve nothing and you'll find most of them on the right-wing of the political spectrum. To proclaim otherwise shows a naivitie that I can only hope is the expression of this person's young and inexperienced age (23) and/or a blind belief in the hate-filled propaganda that those who are like-minded have filled his head with.

I would suggest that this person read the round up of hate garnered from prominent right-wing blogs that Glenn Greenwald posted on his blog recently to determine which side of the political divide believes that Muslims are less than human, because he will never read such horrific opinions on this blog.

Note: That blogger, along with other commenters, were previously banned from my site for making such vile accusations. This is my blog and I have no use for abusive people. Period. In the whole scheme of things, that anyone would feel slighted for being banned from this site is laughable. That level of wrath assigns an importance to this piece of the blogosphere that doesn't exist. There are thousands of other sites they can access, including their own, to talk about whatever they want to.

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