Saturday, July 22, 2006

More Faux Right-Wing Outrage Against the NYT

In a post today titled 'Hezbollah's Favorite Newspaper', Michelle Malkin proves how absolutely clueless she can be once again by offering her readers a picture of a NYT story reporting on the fact that the US is sending a rush delivery of bombs to Israel which she then contrasts with a photoshopped rework of the headline that says 'U.S. Speeds Up Atomic Bomb Delivery For Use on the Japanese' dated 1945. 'What's the difference?' she asks.

The difference is this:

The DoD's Defense Security Cooperation Agency publishes Arms Sales Notifications online!

Is that agency 'Hezbollah's Favorite Government Department'?

Sidebar: And, speaking of revealing tactical military secrets, isn't Israel guilty of that by warning Lebanese citizens to move at least 25 miles away from the southern Lebanon border in advance of coming attacks? One would think so, using right-wing so-called logic. Missiles on the way to Israel reported by the NYT? Treason. Israel giving out proposed troop movements? No big deal.

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