Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random News & Views Roundup

- Calgary gas stations are literally running out of gas, despite the fact that Alberta is Saudi Arabia North. And, in a stunning break with Conservative reality, the government has revoked tax credits for oil and gas companies. And when you wake up tomorrow, hell will indeed have frozen over.

- DuctapeFatwa's Guidelines for Happy Enemy Blogging. Speaks for itself.

- FOX News: The lefty blogosphere is melting!

- I covered the bombings in India on my blog, damnit. 'Deafening silence' my ass. But I do agree that the big name bloggers should get their act together.

The blogosphere tends to be relatively quiet on straight news like this, since it doesn’t provide much of a vehicle for opinion mongering. And in this case, it appears (so far) to be related to India-Pakistan tensions, rather than the broader Islamist movement. I suspect most Americans, at any rate, find that sort of uninteresting. [Kevin Drum]


- Well, at least one newspaper knows exactly where Ann Coulter's columns belong and it's not on their pages.

However, Neumann surmised that Coulter’s incendiary book may have played an “indirect” role in the final decision. “I think it was the book that began to unwind support among her readers,” Neumann explained.

“Liberals have never liked her, and we’ve always gotten complaints [from them]. But the complaints that mattered the most were from the conservative readers,” who felt that their views were being misrepresented.

Moral of the story: liberals' complaints don't count. What else is new?

- Gorbachev: 'Americans Have a Severe Disease'. And you'll like this from cranky Gorby:

The former Soviet leader had severe criticism for two of the most important people in the Bush administration: Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

"They are just hawks protecting the interests of the military — shallow people," he said.

Well, the 'people' part is certainly in dispute, but they are definitely 'shallow'.

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