Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday Food for Thought: And So This Is Christmas....

Will there ever be a day when we can say 'war is over'? It's a sad world...

May those of you who celebrate Christmas or Xmas or whatever you choose find peace, love, harmony, compassion and humility as you spend time with family and friends.

And for those who are alone, know that in spirit you're really not. Someone is thinking of you and wishing you comfort.

I'm off later today to spend Xmas with my daughter, her mate and the grandherbs and will be back sometime on Monday after noon. We're very fortunate to have each other and to be able to laugh so much together. That's the best gift of all. I love them tremendously and wish for a much more peaceful future for the grandherbs. Perhaps they can make it happen if they truly have faith in peace.

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