Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Nail in Kyoto's Coffin

If Steve and his sidekick Rona actually had a viable environmental plan on the go, dismantling some of the aspects of the Kyoto protocol wouldn't be seen as such a death blow. Then there's that pesky fact that Canada is actually a signator to the treaty but when have treaties ever stopped right-wingers from doing whatever they want to anyway? See: Bush, George.

And it also doesn't help that Ambrose was caught blatantly lying about what the Liberals actually did do under the treaty either just to pump up anti-Kyoto cries by those who would rather smother than fight.

So, it's no surprise that while Canadians are busy enjoying their holidays, Steve's government has decided to ax the adviser to the previous government which also kills the Climate fund.

Critics said the move torpedoes the Canada Emission Reduction Incentives Agency, also called the Climate Fund, and suggested Harper does not intend to soften his opposition to government funding for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The program is the latest in a series of Kyoto-inspired measures -- including home-energy incentives, wind-energy development and an alternative-fuels program -- to be scuttled by the Conservatives, Liberal MP John Godfrey said.

And what are the tories offering in place of those programs? Well there's...ummm...let's see...well there must be something...hmmmm. Oh yes. There's this. No wait. That's Bush's. Oh here it is. All right. That's not exactly it either but when a Sun newspaper is criticizing a tory PM, you know there's trouble.

Coming next week: Canadians Ordered to Only Use Light Bulbs in Extreme Emergencies (Darkness not Included)

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