Saturday, December 16, 2006

Edwards '08?

Rumour has it that John Edwards is set to announce his bid for president in the '08 election. Good stuff. I like Edwards and if the story holds true and he does make his announcement in New Orleans, I think that's an appropriate place for him to kick off his campaign since he has been working hard on fighting poverty.

Edwards would be a strong contender against Hillary and Obama (who hasn't made his decision yet) since he has a strong likeability factor (unlike Hillary) and is now well-known thanks to his last run. He has at least a bit more senate experience than Obama, which may be a defining issue even though Obama is about as popular as God right now in some circles (or actually is the second coming depending on who you ask), and he won't have Kerry grabbing the spotlight from him this time around. A good pairing for '08 would actually be Edwards/Obama since both men have the new kind of energy Amercia could sure use right now.

I hope he definitely does throw his hat in the ring.

Just think: we could have Edwards as president and Dion as PM. That would certainly usher in a new era of promise.

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