Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Layton Hops Into Harper's Bed

It was bad enough when Jack Layton sided with the Tories and the Bloc to bring down the previous Liberal government but it seems now that Jack has decided he'd like to keep Harper in power as long as possible:

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Hinting at a possible deal that could stave off an early election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Tuesday he has held constructive and cooperative talks with a left-wing opposition party, at first sight an unlikely political ally.

Harper told Reuters in an interview that he had been talking regularly with Jack Layton, the head of the New Democratic Party (NDP). The NDP is the smallest party in Parliament, but it has almost enough seats to keep the minority Conservative government in power.

Mr Opportunist has looked at the polls and he doesn't like what he sees:

Both the NDP and the Conservatives stand to lose ground if recent opinion polls were translated into seats in Parliament, and neither appears eager to rush into what would be Canada's third general election in three years.

Get real, Jack. It's not like your party is going to form the government any time soon.

This is the lying bastard you're getting into bed with:

He [Harper] said Dion was elected as Liberal leader after saying the party had done nothing wrong during a corruption scandal that helped lose the party the 2006 election.

"If you' elected with that kind of message, in my judgment it's pretty hard to do anything other than try to bring the government down, so we'll work on the assumption that that's what he will try to do," said Harper, who is running slightly behind Dion in the polls.

No wonder you're now waffling about bringing the troops home. Chantal Hebert is right. The only people you and the Bloc have outsmarted Jack are yourselves. You've railed all year at the Liberals, playing right into Steve's hands. No wonder he's reserved a cozy spot for you right next to him. What's he got to lose? Nothing. And what do you have to lose? Everything - starting with your credibility and dedication to left-wing principles and causes. I think it's time for you to decide why you're in Ottawa Jack, because it sure isn't clear to the rest of us.

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