Thursday, December 21, 2006

Quote du Jour: Stockwell Day

Just how ignorant can one man be?

Aaaaanyway, it appears that local libs now send bits and pieces of my local columns to their favourite spear-chuckers down east who are quick to unleash a volley of indignation, which makes for good fodder back here at home.
-Stockwell Day

Day: Canada's version of George Allen.

And, bonus, seems that Maclean’s mag was so enthralled as they scanned my past columns that they are going to publish a whole page of my lighthearted quotes on a host of topics.

Now I don’t want to get in trouble from the ethics comish so I can’t actually encourage you to engage in what could appear as a ‘kickback’ scheme by advising you to buy Maclean’s.

But I will admit that I plan to sneak out under the darkness of night and scour the alleyways for a used copy so I can see which juicy items they chose to cut and paste.

And that Maclean's article Day was so enthralled about? Well, it's right here. Have fun scouring those alleyways, Stockwell.

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