Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stick a fork in Rona...

...it looks like she's done. That's the buzz in Ottawa where Steve is reportedly getting involved in a three-way:

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper will shunt aside embattled Environment Minister Rona Ambrose early next month in favour of one of his top lieutenants, sources tell The Canadian Press.

Jim Prentice, Indian affairs minister and head of cabinet's powerful operations committee, is expected to take on the pivotal environment portfolio.

He is to be replaced at Indian Affairs by Peter Van Loan, now heading up the Intergovernmental Affairs Department, say government and Conservative party sources.

Ambrose, who was skewered by critics as she struggled to sell a clean-air plan that even Tory insiders concede did not meet heightened expectations, would take Van Loan's place.

The three-way switch has emerged as Harper's cleanest option to start 2007 with a fresh focus on the environment and an eye on the next election. No one knows how soon Harper's minority government will fall -- by his own hand or under pressure from opposition parties.

Whenever that fall happens, it won't be soon enough. Just keep shifting those deck chairs on the Titanic Steve. It's still going to sink.

(Sorry for the mixed metaphors. It's cliche nite here.)

h/t Refrozen Seabass

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