Monday, December 18, 2006

Pity Rumsfeld the Scapegoat

As it turns out, what's happening in Iraq isn't Donald Rumsfeld's fault at all. He's just a scapegoat and a victim of al-Jazeera, Karen Hughes and Condi Rice.

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was fired even though he did everything possible, with the military he had been given, to win the war in Iraq. That became clear when General Abizaid subsequently testified that the number of U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq was about right. The key failure in Iraq was the inability to combat the enemy in the critical area of global communications. But that wasn't Rumsfeld's job.

Yes, that's right. Rule the internets and the media, rule Iraq.

And far be it for Cliff Kincaid to actually note the fact that although Abizaid may think that current troops levels in Iraq are sufficient, it was Rumsfeld who forced Shinseki out at the beginning of the war for having the audacity to correctly predict that hundreds of thousands of troops were necessary. Rumsfeld went to war with the military he had, but he certainly didn't use it effectively. (Note how Kincaid repeatedly says that Rumsfeld was 'fired' in order to garner sympathy for the poor, misunderstood defence secretary).

But back to that communications failure that is so obviously the cause of the current mess in Iraq, according to Mr Kincaid:

The policy of accommodation toward Al-Jazeera is being conducted not only by Rice but Bush friend Karen Hughes, under secretary in charge of public diplomacy. They still have their jobs.

Kincaid could have saved himself a lot of time writing that article if he'd just posted: 'Hughes and Rice - Traitors'.

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