Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Decima Poll Results

According to the latest Decima poll, the choice of Stephane Dion as Liberal party leader is reeling in NDP supporters and has caused the party's numbers to increase in Quebec:

The Decima Research survey, conducted during the week following the former environment minister's win, suggested the Liberals had the support of 35 per cent of decided and leaning voters.

That compared to 32 per cent for the Tories, 12 per cent for the NDP, 11 per cent for the Bloc Quebecois and seven per cent for the Green party.
The poll also suggests that the choice of Dion has bolstered Liberal support in Quebec to more than double the support of the Conservatives. That represents a sharp reversal from the election last January.

The new survey showed the Bloc with 45 per cent of voters, the Liberals with 27 per cent and the Tories with 12 per cent. The NDP had six per cent and the Green seven per cent.

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