Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas...or whatever...

(I'm too ried to find an xmas pic to post. Deal with it.)

(I was obviously too tired to remember how to spell 'tired' too...)

I'm home. The grandherbs wore me out and the time went by too quickly as it always does. I received the much-desired knife set from Santa. Now I can catch up on all of that slicing and dicing I've been putting off for years and, as an added bonus, they're good to ward off burglars with. What more could a woman want?

My daughter and her family like to scream alot. Not in a dysfunctional family kind of way. They're nurturing the younger granherb (who will be 1 in January) to strengthen up his vocal chords and with the amount my daughter and the elder grandherb talk (they don't get that from me!), the little one is going to need to learn how to scream loudly if he ever hopes to get a word in edgewise. I successfully taught him how to speak pirate with the ever popular 'Argh'. I thought it was fitting since he just learned how to say 'cracker' last week. I'll have him saying 'yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum' in no time. I also showed him the Feliz Navidad video and he was quite taken with Jose Feliciano and grandma's singing and dancing. I think he thinks I'm a bit odd. It's all good. I am.

We ate too much, stayed up too late and were up at the crack of dawn (well, actually before the crack of dawn at 6:30 am) to begin dismantling all of the nicely wrapped gifts. (Why do we even waste so much time making them look pretty when Xmas always looks like a nuclear explosion hit the living room?) It was a marathon session and everybody was happy - especially the little pirate. Then they dressed him up in the western duds I bought him (denim shirt, vest, pants, fashionable booties and a necktie with horsies included) and are off to spend the day with the other side of the family - which is always an 'interesting' time. Ahem...

Anyway, I hope you're all having an exciting day and may you all be as flipping exhausted as I am at the end of it. That's only fair.

Oh. I forgot to mention that some carollers came around last nite riding on a hay wagon and while I opened the door to listen to them, I was hearing shouts of 'moon them!' from la famille in the background. Did I mention they're just a bit nuts?

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