Friday, December 22, 2006

Is That a Draft I Feel?

Via CNN:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Selective Service System is planning a comprehensive test of the military draft machinery, which hasn't been run since 1998.

The agency is not gearing up for a draft, an agency official said Thursday. The test itself would not likely occur until 2009.

Meanwhile, the secretary for Veterans Affairs said that "society would benefit" if the U.S. were to bring back the draft and that it shouldn't have any loopholes for anyone who is called to serve. Secretary Jim Nicholson later issued a statement saying he does not support reinstituting a draft.

(In other words, he got his mouth slapped by the administration.)

Does that mean Bush and Cheney may actually have to serve at some time in the future? And how about the Bush twins? They're not all that busy.

Oh, and Merry Xmas from al Qaeda in Iraq to George Bush.

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