Wednesday, December 20, 2006

'Democracy Promotion' or Outright Coup?

Time magazine reveals details from a classified document including yet another attempt by the Bush administration to buy its way out of its troubles by planning to fund an opposition member to Assad in the upcoming Syrian elections.

It's illegal for any non-US citizen to contribute to candidates in US elections but apparently it's perfectly acceptable for the US government to ignore the reasoning behind that rule to influence other countries outcomes.

They call it 'democracy promotion'. That's Orwellian for 'staged coup'.

This administration has absolutely no clue how to operate diplomatically. It sent pitbull John Bolton to the UN to bully other countries where, as we recently found out, the US was buying votes by bribing security council members with aid money. Condi Rice announced that she was sending $10 billion to Abbas in Palestine this week - smack dab in the middle of a budding civil war between Fatah and Hamas. Bushco has floated (and most likely carried through) the idea of funding moderates in Iran. It trusted and paid now disgraced Ahmed Chalabi who claimed that Saddam had WMDs. The largest recipient of US aid is Israel, which refuses to engage in a peace process. It's propping up the fragile Siniora government in Lebanon against the threat of Hezbollah.

Let's face it: if the US government spent all of the money at home that it spends on trying to control politics in the Middle East, it could probably afford to actually have national health care. But it pulls out the 'protecting US interests in the region' card and empties out its wallet continuously to interfere with democracy in countries that already have it and to push it on those who don't (except for Saudi Arabia, of course). As Dr Phil would ask, 'how's that working for you?'

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