Monday, August 21, 2006

"Small Dead Animals" Blogger Libels Left-Wing MPs

Lebanon's prime minister is not pleased with Steve's response to the slaughter that went on in his country when Steve proclaimed Israel's attack was 'measured' and he said as much to left-wing Canadian MPs who are visiting the region.

And, while those lefty MPs (Wrzesnewskyj And Nash) in Lebanon were reportedly pondering whether Canada should recognize Hezbollah's political arm instead of just writing off all Hezbollah members as terrorists, one fearosphere blogger in the Canadian pants-wetting brigade responded with this headline: 'Wrzesnewskyj And Nash - "Death To Jews"'. Notice how she puts those words in quotation marks when it is not an actual quote at all. Steve has her well-trained in the art of distributing propaganda useful to his cause.

Not only that, Mr Wrzesnewskyj quickly released a statement, which can actually be found in the offending blog's comments section clarifying his position. As you will see, it has nothing to to with 'Death to Jews':

August 21, 2006

Statement from Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj

“CanWest News today reported that I support taking Hezbollah off Canada’s list of banned terrorist organizations. This is emphatically wrong. On the contrary, Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and I stated that it must remain on Canada’s list because it has committed war crimes by sending rockets into civilian areas."

“What I did say, however, is that the legislation surrounding our banned list of terrorist organizations must be evaluated to ensure our role as mediator is not compromised. Currently, the legislation forbids Canada from having any discussions with those on the list, and I believe this is not the way to achieve peace."

“Canada must be a partner in any efforts by the international community to bring peace and stability to the region, and we can not play that role if we are shackled by this legislation which forbids us from even speaking to those groups on our list. Discussion, negotiation and diplomacy are paramount to a lasting peace.”

Kate, the owner of the roadkill blog and author of the post in which Mr Wrzesnewskyj was libeled, has yet to post a correction, retraction or mea culpa.

Let's hope she gets her small dead animal ass sued.

Update: This is the CanWest article Mr Wrzesnewskyj referred to in his statement: MPs call for Canada to drop Hezbollah from terror list and this is now posted on CanWest's site as well: Liberal MP denies report he wants Hezbollah removed from terror list.

CanWest: the same media company that brought you the fake 'Iran Eyes Badges for Jews' story via the National Post earlier this year. You might also find this of interest if you're not familiar with this news organization:

The government of Israel and conflict in the Middle East. Veteran Montreal Gazette reporter Bill Marsden has said that the Aspers "do not want any criticism of Israel. We do not run in our newspaper op-ed pieces that express criticism of Israel and what it is doing." [2] In 2004, the Reuters news agency protested after CanWest altered newswire stories about the Iraq war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such that Reuters felt it had inserted CanWest's own bias under Reuters bylines. The changes were apparently made in accordance with a CanWest policy to label certain groups as terrorists.

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