Wednesday, August 30, 2006

'Right Wing Nut House' Indeed

You may have heard a news story on Tuesday about a man who went on a driving rampage in San Francisco, killing one person and injuring several others. Just another bizarre incident of craziness in America, right? No, according to those who bring you Fear, Terror and Hatred in the USA on a daily basis, this was an act of terrorism.

Via the aptly named Right Wing Nut House:

Crazy American? Or crazy Jihadist? Is the press hiding the fact the man could be and probably is a Muslim? Why no mention of a possible terror attack? Are we jumping to conclusions on the right? Is the left’s non-response to this story indicative of the fact they don’t care about terrorism?

Ummm...NO. The left's non-response was due to the fact that things like this happen almost every week. There are disturbed people out there who do stuff like this. Welcome to society.

There are times like this when I want to haul off and smack my friends both on the right and left upside the head in order to knock some sense into them.

No kidding. Start with yourself.

Let’s go through this very carefully and perhaps, when all is said and done, we can have something of a meeting of the minds on this issue rather than using our responses to incidents like this to prove how silly or how evil the other side is.

Let's not go through this very carefully and just accept the fact that some people on the right have WAY too much time and paranoia. I don't remember them calling this man's driving rampage which killed 10 people in California in 2003 an act of terrorism. Then again, he wasn't driving while being born in Afghanistan so why would that make the wingnuts wet their pants? And how about everyone who's gone postal in America, killing their workmates? No acts of terrorism there either, according to the right-wing.

Wingnuts have a very narrow definition of terrorism, it seems. If you are brown-skinned and possibly Muslim, you're a terrorist. If you're a white guy and possibly Christian, you're just either sick or crazy - unless you're a member of the Bush administration. Then, you can commit all the crimes you want and be revered by the right-wing as a saint.

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