Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman Concedes Defeat

But the story is far from over...

Via Reuters:

Six years after he was the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Lieberman fell in a tight Senate primary battle to wealthy businessman Ned Lamont, who had called him a cheerleader for Bush and urged voters to send an anti-war message to the country.

Lamont, whose last try for office was an unsuccessful 1990 run for the state Senate, led Lieberman 52-48 percent in unofficial but nearly complete returns. Lieberman conceded but said he would file petitions on Wednesday to run as an independent in November.

"If you're fed up with the nasty partisanship in Washington, then I ask your help," Lieberman told cheering supporters at a downtown Hartford hotel.

Yes, Mr Screw You I'll Just Run as an Independent will still be on the ballot in November and considering how close this vote was, who knows what might happen then?

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