Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Canadian Military Blogger Censored, Almost

A blogger named "Matt in Afghanistan" has been ordered by the Canadian military to stop posting and to delete all of his blog entries, although the Defence department won't officially confirm that.

In general, the military has the right to remove any content that puts the safety of personnel or the mission at risk, said Capt. Doug MacNair of Canadian Expeditionary Force Command Headquarters.

Austin, a University of Waterloo student, shipped off last week to Afghanistan, where he continued the blog he started during training in Petawawa. He called the blog Matt in Afghanistan: An undergrad's life in a very big desert.

The military misunderestimated the power of the internets, however, by not realizing that Google keeps cached versions of web pages online.

Here's Matt's blog. You decide if what he wrote was a security risk.

My guess is the the military brass weren't very pleased when they read things like this:

The G-Wagon, built by Mercedes-Benz, is nothing more than it's civilian counterpart except with gun racks, radio mounts and in some circumstances, a turret on the top. As great as they may seem, and as expensive as they were pushed into service after we lost two of our troops with a mine-strike on the Iltis, the facts cannot be hidden. The G-Wagon affords troops NO protection from the common anti-coalition weapons. Any caliber over 5.56mm will penetrate the vehicle and little is left after either an RPG or roadside bomb (IED).

So now you can understand my anger in seeing that I may be called out over the wire in this pathetic vehicle which CLEARLY is not made for the offensive tasks usually involving combat engineers.

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