Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On the Palestinian Front...

- Isreal has bombed the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon:

AN Israeli strike on the southern Lebanon Palestinian refugee camp of Ain Al Hilweh killed at least two people, medics said today.
It was the first time Israel has bombarded the Palestinian refugee camp, the largest in Lebanon and home to some 50,000 refugees, since the start of the four-week-old conflict.

The missiles targeted the area around the home of Colonel Munir Maqdah, a military chief of the Fatah movement in Lebanon, Palestinian sources said.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer was interviewing Israel's Dore Gold when this news broke. Gold proclaimed that al Qaeda members were probably hiding there. He offered no proof, of course.

more to come on this attack as details are released...

Abducted Palestinian parliamentary speaker, Aziz Dweik, has been taken to an Israeli hospital to be treated for chest pains:

A spokesman for Aziz Dweik said he was taken to hospital after being beaten by Israeli guards. The army, which is holding him, denied the claims.

- The Palestinian Center for Human Rights has released a scathing report documenting Israel's actions in the Gaza strip while the UN and humanitarian groups are desperately trying to get the message out about the growing crisis in Gaza.
"Israel's armed forces attack the Strip with up to 300 shells a day using aircraft and warships. Incursions by tanks and bulldozers terrorise the population.

"Among the more than 170 victims killed in this invasion are more than 50 children. This is a clear breach of international humanitarian law under which the civilians should be protected," she said.

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