Saturday, May 12, 2007

'Tories Broke Law'

Three little words I'm sure the tories will try to spin their way out of frantically this week.

It looks like the new government of "accountability" is in a bit of hot water over its scrapping of the Court Challenges program. Not only was it quite obviously a slap in the face to those who needed the help of such a program, it looks like it was also illegal:

The Tory government violated the Officials Languages Act when it cut the court challenges program, according to a report by the official languages commissioner obtained by CBC News.

In his first report as commissioner, Graham Fraser looked into more than 100 complaints about the cancellation of the program.

Fraser makes it clear in the report, scheduled to be released next week, that minority language groups are not getting access to the courts to guarantee their linguistic rights.

Fraser said the government clearly did not consider those rights when it made the decision to cut the court challenges program back in September.

That program was created in 1978 for minority linguistic groups to defend and guarantee the services they need in the language of their choice.

Slash and burn isn't exactly the best way to manage a government, especially when you're messing around with minority rights.

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