Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is Calgary Turning Red?

Via columnist Rick Bell:

You kick it long enough and hard enough and somebody just might kick back.

So here we are, nearing six months since some of Stelmach's less-conscious supporters crowed about applying some boot to this city after their man won, and a growing number of locals are beginning to feel this crowd is a big pain in the posterior.

According to the noses being counted by well-respected pollster Bruce Cameron of Calgary's own Cameron Strategy, there are an increasing number of nostrils out of joint with Unsteady Eddie and his Conservatives without a clue.

Yes, flicker, flicker, lightbulbs are actually going on in these parts. About time.

In fact, an amazing half of Calgarians think the Tories don't deserve to win the June 12 byelection to replace Ralph as MLA for Calgary-Elbow.

That's not all.

Since January, Stelmach's sad sacks have tumbled 19 points in this city, to 40%, two numbers lower than in Edmonton, where the party support is also down.

Yes, the poll shows fewer Tory backers here than in Edmonton, as in the city with all the Liberal and NDP MLAs and the nickname Redmonton. Oh my.

"About time" is right. Obviously, there is some vast left-wing conspiracy at work here. I just wonder where the hell it's been hiding all of this time. Somewhere under the oil, no doubt.

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