Saturday, March 01, 2008

So now you want an election?

The Liberals have been handed many reasons over the past few months to call for an early election, the most recent being the Cadman scandal. The TO Star reports that "Liberal MPs are openly musing about toppling Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government". Fine. But why weren't they "openly musing" about an election when they found out that the military is handing over Afghan prisoners to people who might torture them again? Why are they leaving it to groups like Amnesty International to raise the red flag inherent in such a move? What has changed in the 4 short months since the hand overs were halted?

As inviting as it may be to force the Cons into an election over the Cadman affair, investigations have yet to even begin. There is, however, much more evidence and reason to be concerned when it comes to possibly handing over Afghan citizens to be tortured in shady prisons. Why isn't that worth calling an election over?

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