Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pat Martin: Let the RCMP Investigate the Cadman Scandal First

Using the terms "treason" and "high crimes and misdemeanors", NDP MP Pat Martin told Craig Oliver on Sunday's Question Period that he will not introduce a motion to the ethics committee this week, as he had previously promised, to investigate the alleged $1 million bribe to now-deceased MP Chuck Cadman. Instead, Martin said that he thinks the RCMP should handle the file because any Conservatives involved in the affair who would testify before the committee would be protected by parliamentary privilege (ie. their testimony could not be used against them in a criminal prosecution). Martin left open the possibility of having the ethics committee hold hearings at a later date, following the results of the RCMP probe.

On Saturday, Peter Mackay denied any knowledge of the alleged bribe.

"I think it's sad, quite frankly, that this seems to have come up. It's very unfortunate.''

You bet it's "unfortunate" and that's just the least of it for your party, MacKay.


Liberals float theory on Cadman compensation

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