Monday, March 03, 2008

Alberta Election Results: A Predicted PC Majority Government

That prediction was made by Global News at 8:21 pm and not 10 minutes later, Stelmach made his victory thank you speech from his campaign headquarters. There is something fundamentally wrong with an electorate that absolutely refuses to attempt to change the political situation in this province, where we've been held hostage by these Conservatives for what seems like (and practically is) forever.

Now it's just a matter of watching for the gains and losses. I'll post the final numbers when they're up.

Local coverage:

CTV Calgary
CBC Calgary
QR 77 Radio
Global Calgary
Calgary Herald
Calgary Sun


Wow. Political scientist Keith Brownsey just had an angry fit on CFCN asking what CTV was thinking predicting a majority Conservative government when only a few votes were in from a handful of ridings. (We're talking single-digit vote counts here.) Quite the display of outrage! The anchors tried to rationalize their methodology but part of it is based on pre-election predictions. Hardly measurable in any solid way. Of course, everybody and their dog figured that the Cons would win, but Brownsey had a point ie. how about waiting until some actual real numbers are in?

Unofficial Results: (10:50 pm)

PC 73
Green 0
Other 0

2004 numbers by comparison:

PC 61
LIB 17
Others 0

Voter turnout was pathetic.

Urban ~43%
Rural ~39%

The leaders of the PC, Liberal and NDP parties all retained their seats. The WAP leader lost to the PC candidate by 39 votes.

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