Monday, March 03, 2008

Alberta Votes

It's election day here and I'll be posting the results (in a separate thread) as they come in this evening. I haven't made it out to vote yet. Just got home from the dentist's office (where she did a fabulous job!) and I'm waiting for the freezing to wear off. (If you need a referral to a good dentist in north Calgary, let me know by e-mail.)

Anyway, polls say there are ~45% undecided voters here and many Cons are not all that impressed by Fast Eddie Stelmach, so this could be interesting. Disgruntled Cons will likely just stay home instead of switching parties and our turnout is so low to begin with that there could be a shift in Alberta's political scene as a result. It may not be enough to take the majority from the Conservatives, but any gains made by the left-leaning parties is a net positive. There are also thousands of new Alberta voters who've moved here from other provinces to take advantage of the boom. That phenomenon didn't affect Conservative support during the last boom but that's no predictor of how things might turn out this time.

If you're an Albertan, get out there and vote. (Election info/polling locations here.)

We've lived under the thumb of these Cons for decades and it's long past time that that changed. Enough is enough!


The election results thread is here.

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