Thursday, July 26, 2007

With friends like this...

Just one day after Brian Mulroney gushed about what a great job the Harper government is [supposedly] doing, we learn that Mulroney has been ordered to pay $470,000 to Karlheinz Schreiber.


In his statement of claim, Mr. Schreiber said the cash was to enlist Mr. Mulroney's help in establishing an arms factory in Quebec and a pasta-machine business.

I hereby dub this case the Rifles and Ravioli lawsuit.

The lawsuit claimed Mr. Mulroney did not follow through on his business commitments.

The former prime minister, who had a deadline to respond to the lawsuit, did not do so, which meant that the court ordered him this week to pay Mr. Schreiber the $300,000, plus interest, which works out to about $470,000.

And Mulroney's reaction?

Asked this week whether his forthcoming memoirs would fully explain the $300,000 payments, the former prime minister simply urged a reporter to purchase the volume.

“Buy a copy. Buy a copy. Buy a copy.”

Guess he'll have to sell more than a few copies to pay that judgment.

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