Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Nite Video: Cat Stevens - Oh Very Young

This is Cat Stevens' (now known as Yusuf Islam) website. And here's the link to his children's charity "Small Kindness".

This is just one of their projects:

As the chaos continues in Iraq, Small Kindness is one of only a brave handful of organisations concentrating its efforts amidst the skirmishes and terrible conditions of this war-torn country.

The lives of ordinary Iraqis have been turned upside down. What they need now more than ever is stability and real hope for the future. As fighting rages all around, children are having to dodge bullets to get to and from school. Small Kindness is supporting some three hundred orphans in the region with regular payments plus scholarships to over a hundred university students. In 2004 the charity opened the first EMTEC in the heart of Baghdad University under the auspices of Iraq’s Ministry of Education. The Centre has over three hundred Iraqi girls on roll, providing free tuition in information technology, management studies, language, and accountancy skills.

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