Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Quote du Jour: RCMP Use Pepper Spray on Native Children

A 6 month-old baby was pepper-sprayed by the RCMP in BC and this is what their spokesman says about it?

...Staff Sgt. Zalys said Constable Martin was relatively new to the force and unfamiliar with the band's tradition of soccer processions.

"He did not know what was going on. ... His intention was to get the kids to sit down so it would be safe. ... When the crowds started to come in, the members were feeling a little afraid," he explained.

"It's unfortunate that the kids around them also got sprayed. And some spray did go on the baby and I apologize. There was no intention to scare or hurt a child."

Afterward, Staff Sgt. Zalys told reporters that he hoped the pepper-sprayed youngsters would recover quickly.

"Pepper spray can be a painful thing. But in the overall scheme of things, it is on the lower end of the use of force."

Yes, that baby is lucky it wasn't mowed down by a gun. That would have been much worse.


(And if you want to see a shameful display of racism in Canada, read some of the comments attached to that article.)

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