Monday, July 09, 2007

What is Hillier Hiding?

I'd like someone from this new, "US Joint Chiefs of Staff" sounding "Strategic Joint Staff" to tell me exactly how releasing the number of Afghan detainees handled by the Canadian military may: "be very prejudicial to the safety of CF [Canadian Forces] and allied personnel, may be of significant information operations value to the enemy and may assist in undermining the effectiveness of Canada's efforts to support the stability of the Government of Afghanistan,”, as reported in Monday's Globe and Mail.

And I would also like to know why the DND is using the Bush trick of reclassifying formerly unclassified documents as per this ridiculousness:

..Lt.-Col. Clarke suggested it had been a mistake for DND to release information about detainees earlier and that the department was rethinking its disclosure policy.

“In the process, we are learning that some of the information that may have been previously released in response to an Access to Information Request can be used against CF personnel and objectives in the operational theatre,” he wrote, adding that any additional information could help the enemy get a better picture of Canadian operations.

It's kind of late to stuff that back into the box now, isn't it? If the DND truly believes that it put Canadian troops in harm's way by releasing that information, everyone involved should be fired immediately and that includes political hack Rick Hillier and the most useless excuse this country has ever had for a defence minister, Gordon O'Connor.

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