Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Nite Video Flashback: The Police - ..._ _ _ ...

Here's a clip of the very first time The Police played Message in a Bottle live.

And speaking of SOS, Sting was also on hand at the Live Earth concert to sing this song as well.

Don't forget to shed a tear for the global warming denying wingnuts who just had to force themselves to watch Live Earth so they could be sure to add the performing (traitorous, Al Gore-worshipping) artists to their Enemies of the Wingnut World (EWW) and Youth Unglued over the Climate Konspiracy (YUCK) hate lists. I hear they're planning their own little concert though with Michelle Malkin as the featured singer. I'm sure that will draw 2 billion viewers too.

(I'm sorry. I just spit my drink all over my monitor. Be right back...)

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