Friday, July 20, 2007

Fisk: The Globe and Mail Stole an Article From The Independent


In his latest article for The Independent, Robert Fisk recounts the story of G&M columnist Jan Wong and the stir she caused following the Dawson College shootings and then reveals this:

Now I happen to know a bit about the Globe's "quality control process". Some time ago, I discovered that the paper had reprinted an article of mine from The Independent about the Armenian genocide. But they had tampered with it, altering my word "genocide" to read "tragedy".

The Independent's subscribers promise to make no changes to our reports. But when our syndication folk contacted the Globe, they discovered that the Canadian paper had simply stolen the article. They were made to pay a penalty fee. But as for the censorship of the word "genocide", a female executive explained to The Independent that nothing could be done because the editor responsible had "since left the Globe and Mail".

Fisk concludes with:

It's the same old story, isn't it? Censor then whinge, then cut and run. No wonder the bloggers are winning.

Well, most bloggers anyway - those who don't need to pander to a party, group, organization, corporation or whoever's paying their bills.

Interesting that Canada's supposedly "left-wing" newspaper, the G&M, should willfully edit one of Fisk's articles (that they stole) to censor the word "genocide". Who or what are they afraid of? I suppose the truth is just too much for our mainstream media to handle.

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Update: I see that Fisk also addressed the theft of his article during a talk he gave with Noam Chomsky in May, 2006. Oh well. It's news to me.

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