Thursday, July 05, 2007

Poll: Canadian Creationists


The Canadian Press-Decima Research survey suggests that 60 per cent of Canadians believe God had either a direct or indirect role in creating mankind, shattering the myth that Canadians had long ago put their faith strictly behind the scientific explanation for creation.

The poll suggests Canadians divide in essentially three groups on the issue of creation: 34 per cent of those polled said humans developed over millions of years under a process guided by God; 26 per cent said God created humans alone within the last 10,000 years or so; and 29 per cent said they believe evolution occurred with no help from God.

Now, you'd think those making up that 26% are all related to Stockwell Day, right?

But, wait a minute:

Conservatives were more likely than Liberals to say that God had no part in the process, and Alberta, regarded as the birthplace of social conservatism, had one of the lowest levels of beliefs for strict creationism at 22 per cent.

Ummm, what? The Tyrell Museum is obviously brainwashing all of those people in the Bible belt and I'd say that's pretty bad news for the guy who just opened this place.

But in this controversial area, the devil is in the breakdown of the numbers.

For instance, while Liberal party voters were more likely than Conservatives to credit God with some contribution to creation, Conservative voters were less likely to write God out altogether. Only 22 per cent of Tory respondents said God had no role, as opposed to 31 per cent of Liberals.

Liberal respondents were far more likely to be what could be termed “soft evolutionists” or “soft creationists,” with 41 per cent saying God guided the process of human development, as opposed to 34 per cent of Conservatives seeing creation in those terms.

Softies - all of you Liberals are just softies.

Well, that's quite the jumble of numbers. Seems Liberals and Tories aren't as far apart on this issue as I thought. Mind you, (run, duck and cover) "Liberals" tend to be centrists - not exactly that far left of Tories when it comes down to it and not that divided as far as religious beliefs go.

And leave it to Canada's fringe elements (my relatives in Quebec and all of those stoned people in BC) to have the most skepticism of all:

Regionally, Quebec respondents were by far the most likely to say God’s role in creation was a delusion, with 40 per cent saying the evolutionary process had no interference from an intelligent designer.

British Columbia respondents were the next sub-group who could be termed strict evolutionists, with 31 per cent saying God was not involved. Least likely to hold this view were respondents in the Prairie provinces — 21 per cent.

Rural respondents also had a plurality who believed in strict creationism at 34 per cent, whereas only 22 per cent of urban dwellers said they believed God alone created humans.

Proof that cities are evil, no doubt.

And I know you're wondering the same thing I was: what are the numbers for the yanks?

Anderson said the findings suggest Canadians lack consensus on creation, but also don’t view the issue as polarizing.

“It’s more as though for many, these feelings are unresolved,” he said. “We believe in a higher being, we know what we don’t know, are comfortable not knowing, and choose not to press our views upon one another.”

Ya, shit, I don't know anything and I don't have a problem with that...until I do.


That is not the case in the United States, where similar polls have suggested Americans are more polarized on the subject. In a recent U.S. poll, 45 per cent said God created humans, and 40 per cent said evolution was God guided. Only 15 per cent said God played no part in creation.

Well, down there around half of the people still think Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and Bush's approval ratings (which should be in the negative digits) hover around 26-28%. Shows how much they know...or don't know that they don't know...or something.

Me? Evolution all the way. God and batteries not included.

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