Monday, July 09, 2007

It wasn't me. Really.

CALGARY — It might be considered a rite of passage in Canadian politics — after all, it did happen to former prime minister Jean Chrétien as well as Quebec Premier Jean Charest and former Alberta premier Ralph Klein.

But an attempted pie attack on Ed Stelmach at the Alberta premier's annual Stampede breakfast Monday didn't strike a funny bone with his security officials.

A young woman who approached Mr. Stelmach with what appeared to be a chocolate cream pie failed to hit her target and it was a security official instead who “took a pie for the premier,” said witness Greg Melchin, Alberta's housing minister.

“She held up her pie. She said, ‘I've got this pie for you, premier — remember the pie?' She made clear and identified to everybody it was a pie — nothing else but a pie.

“She couldn't get access to him, so realizing she wasn't getting through with security in front of her, she just took the pie and placed it in the face of security.”

Police immediately grabbed the young woman, who fell to the ground. She was dragged away kicking and screaming by three or four uniformed officers.

“I think it's pretty cozy for the premier to be eating breakfast when people are homeless on the streets!” she cried.

Everybody knows that cheesecake is my dessert of choice.

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