Thursday, October 05, 2006

Canada's Been Invaded: By The FBI

The last time I looked, Canada was not yet the 51st state, so what is the FBI doing sneaking into our country and investigating our citizens without any objections from our government?

Via CBC:

An internal FBI audit shows that U.S. agents carry out investigations in Canada, often without the knowledge or approval of the Canadian government.
The inspector general's report documents 135 unapproved FBI crossings and says there is no sign the crossings will stop.

Canadian officials say they have made no protest to the U.S. government about FBI agents operating without permission on Canadian soil.

Why not? After all, working with the FBI is what got Maher Arar sent to Syria to be tortured but it's okay for these free range agents to roam around Canada conducting covert investigations without consequence?

It says the FBI has given agents in its Buffalo field office clearance to conduct "routine investigations" up to 50 miles into Canadian territory.

It also says that about 30 per cent of FBI agents crossing the border to work in Canada failed to get "country clearance." In other words, they didn't get Canada's approval.

The FBI is not the CIA - which operates around the world - it is supposed to be a federally based agency. So what the hell gives them the right to think they can violate Canada's sovereignty by giving their agents 'clearance' to work in our country?

And note how confusing that article is. What did the Canadian government know, when did it know it and what is it doing about these inifiltrators now?

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