Thursday, October 19, 2006

US News Roundup

Wow, there's a lot of news spilling out on the US front today so I thought I'd do this quick roundup.

- Remember that so-called dirty bomb threat against NFL stadiums that the DHS had 'no credible' reason to believe was actually a real threat but they thought they'd just scare everybody anyway? Well, it turns out that is was a hoax. Quel surprise.

- And, on the FoleyGate, PageGate, GayGate fronts it turns out that Foley was telling the truth when he said he was molested by a priest as a teen. The priest, who came forward after Foley had announced he would make his name public, had this to say though:

Mercieca said he is confused about why Foley has decided to come forward after almost 40 years, wondering if he was looking for a scapegoat.

"Why does he want to destroy me in my old age?" Mercieca said.

Look, priest. If you molested him, you deserve to be destroyed in your old age. Period.

ABC's Blotter has the latest while the noose around Dennis Haster's neck is being tightened more and more every day.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that another Republican congressmen may be outed for relationships he had with female pages.

And, speaking of outings, there's been a serious debate in the blogosphere about the appropriateness of the outing of Republican Senator Larry Craig by BlogActive which prompted some lengthy posts from Glenn Greenwald and which now has erupted into a right-wing civil (or not so civil) blog war between Balloon Juice and Riehl World View.

As far as I'm concerned, people should be free to decide when and if they want to reveal their sexual orientation. Playing politics with that issue is just petty and disgusting.

And, if you need more information about where most of the bigotry against gay people comes from, read Rev Louis Sheldon's words in his interview with CNN's Larry King. Yes, gay people are that way because they were all molested, according to Sheldon. Andrew Sullivan responded that he wasn't molested. Sheldon didn't have an answer for that little conundrum, of course.

What a flipping mess.

- Does Bush really listen to his generals about the war in Iraq? We'll soon find out. Meanwhile, Bush has finally admitted that there are parallels between the Vietnam and Iraq wars, but now the WH handlers are trying to spin their way out of that admission by their loose cannon president who always gets into trouble when he's unscripted.

- The Washington Post has something about Rummy and goats. It's not what you think although, even if it was, he still wouldn't resign or be fired.

- Interested in what Iraqi bloggers are saying about the latest Lancet study concluding that 600,000+ Iraqis have died since the beginning of the war? Check out this roundup.

more later...

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