Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quote du Jour: 6 More Dead Canadians...

In Ottawa, Lewis MacKenzie, a retired major-general, said he was "naturally shocked, but not surprised" by the latest Canadian casualties, and added that there is an insurgency going on over there, "so things like this will happen."

Do you think you can muster up just a bit more sympathy, Major-General Mackenzie? Somehow, something akin to shit happens just doesn't cut it.

Six Canadian soldiers were killed and two others were injured Sunday when their armoured vehicle struck a roadside bomb west of Kandahar City, resulting in the worst single-day loss of life for Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, military officials said.
Since 2002, 51 Canadian soldiers and a diplomat have been killed in Afghanistan, where Canada has more than 2,000 troops, with the majority in Kandahar.

Related: We want the Taliban back, say ordinary Afghans

Last week, President Hamid Karzai acknowledged for the first time that he had held talks with the Taliban in an attempt to reach a peace deal and avert a bloody struggle for control in the south and east of the country, where the movement has enjoyed a resurgence in the past year.

The failure of Nato forces to deliver security and development and rising civilian casualties inflicted by Western forces in clashes with the Taliban have led to a loss of support in Kandahar. "How can we forgive the Americans?" asked Mr Karigar, who like most people here does not distinguish among the different elements in Nato. "I will fight them any way I can."

Not enough troops, not enough aid, not enough development, not enough goodwill, not enough rights, not enough security... where exactly are we 5 years later?

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