Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Tories and the Rush to Look Green

1. Why is natural resources minister Gary Lunn making announcements about environmental programs instead of the actual environment minister, John Baird?

2. Do the tories really think they're fooling anyone by resurrecting Liberal environmental plans while trying to sell them as their own?

3. If these programs were so damn vital, why didn't former environment minister Rona Ambrose present them to the Canadian public?

4. Where is the tories comprehensive climate change program?

5. How tough do they plan to get when it comes to regulating corporations?

6. Maybe it's just me but doesn't it seem like these hundreds of millions of dollars now being spent on environmental concerns after the election of Mr Environment Stephane Dion as Liberal party leader just reek of vote buying in a likely election year?

I'd say David Suzuki has the answers to those questions.

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You can view the Question Period interview with Gary Lunn at CTV's site.

The Liberal party's response to today's announcement.

"The magnitude of the climb-down by this government has been quite astonishing," said Mr. Holland. "But I can't say that I am surprised. The Liberal government had a comprehensive set of programs in place to tackle the challenge of global warming when we left office, and the Conservatives cut them all. Now they're taking action because they've seen the polls. By shamelessly repackaging cancelled Liberal programs, the Conservatives insult the intelligence of Canadians."

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