Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Smell of Conservative Desperation

Via CTV we learn that the Conservatives are planning to run attack ads against Stephane Dion during Sunday's Super Bowl:

OTTAWA -- The Conservative party intends to run TV attack ads against new Liberal leader Stephane Dion, CTV News has learned.

Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney will hold a briefing tomorrow in Ottawa to unveil the ads that mock Dion's leadership abilities and his environmental record, sources say.

Party insiders say the Conservatives will buy TV spots during the Super Bowl and other prime time slots for maximum impact.

They stress the ads are not part of a strategy to force an early election.

Sources say the party is concerned that Dion is getting a free ride from the mainstream media and the Tories want to go over the heads of the national media in Ottawa to reach ordinary Canadians.

The ads -- which party officials showed to the Conservative caucus on Friday -- cast doubt on Dion's environmental credentials and leadership abilities, according to sources that have seen them.

One Conservative insider told CTV News the party "wants to define Dion before the Liberals get the chance to define him with a free ride from the media."
Tory MPs roared when the ads were played for them at the caucus retreat.

"They are all Liberals in the ads and they are quite funny," one Tory MP said.

If someone called an election, I missed it. It's bad enough that we have to put up with this kind of crap during election campaigns. Do the Tories actually believe this is going to help them? Even some of their supporters are saying this is a bad move. The Tories were quick to complain about Paul Martin's so-called attack ads during the last election campaign yet it seems they were just blowing smoke since they obviously plan to use exactly the same tactic now.

This is what Harper said on January 13, 2006:

“There are no limits to Canada's future if we live by the best of Canada’s values, if we reject a campaign of fear and choose a positive agenda."

So much for that.

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