Monday, January 29, 2007

A Challenge: Who are Canada's 'smart female bloggers'?

Via Michelle's World I discovered that Warren Kinsella has posted his Top Ten Blogger list and stated, '(Oh, and memo to Canada: WE NEED MORE SMART FEMALE BLOGGERS NOW!)'

In response, I wrote this e-mail to Warren (using his real e-mail address supplied on his contact page):


As Michelle points out [link] there certainly are many "smart female [Canadian] bloggers" out here and yes, I will toot my own horn and consider myself among them.

I suspect that if you asked the Canadian blogging community to give you a list, you might be surprised at the number of us out here. Instead, you supplied a faux e-mail address for feedback on your top ten. How do you expect to find us or do we just not meet your definition of "smart"?

He e-mailed me back and suggested that I give him my list of the top ten Canadian female bloggers and said that if he agrees with my list he'll post it. Since I suggested that he ask the blogging community, that's what I'll do.

Here's the challenge: list your choice(s).

Since Kinsella has asked me for my top ten, I'll review them all and make my list based on your feedback and suggestions.

I will tell you this, however (and here's where I disagree with one of Michelle's choices), 'smart' does not include bloggers like Kate who defame politicians by supplying fake, libelous quotes just to create hysteria. That decision is not open to debate. Period. Anyone who attempts to dispute that decision will have their comment removed since I'm not interested in wasting my time reading any defences of her behaviour. As far as I'm concerned, she should have been sued. Please resist any discussion about that blog and its owner/commenters. That is not the purpose of this post.

Since Kinsella's list extends beyond lefty bloggers, suggestions from every party in the political spectrum are welcome. Once I'm done with my list, I'll post it here and e-mail it to Kinsella.

Bring on the 'smart' women!

Update: I received a very thoughtful e-mail from a smart Canadian female blogger who pointed out that there are plenty more out there who do not necessarily blog about 'politics' per se - reminding me that there are some women who intersperse 'political' issues with personal postings (as I do here as well, occasionally). Okay. That would seem to make my task much more vast then. 'Politics' is much more than discussions about political parties etc. It is personal.

In that spirit then, I urge those of you helping me out to look beyond the obvious so-called 'political' choices to those who encompass the heart of politics as well. Thanks.

And don't forget to provide links!

Update: Kinsella has written an update to his original post. Welcome to all of you who have found your way here from there.

Update: Please see my follow up post, Canada's Smart Female Bloggers.

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