Friday, January 12, 2007

Random News & Views Roundup

- Speaking of Boneless Wonders, Mr Kristol...

- Rice admits that Bush signed an order to take more aggressive action against Iranians in Iraq but, of course, we can't see it so no one really knows what he's authorized or where for that matter. CBS reports: "Pentagon sources tell CBS News the U.S. military has planned covert cross-border raids into Iran — but so far none has been approved"...that we know of.

- Counterpunch: "President Bush is an ass and a criminal ass at that; at what point do the American people who support this war cease becoming mere asses and begin to recognize their political antipathy as criminal?"

- Meet Mr Morality: Stephen Harper*. Go ahead. Laugh. I'll wait. And recent examples of Mr Morality's outstanding behaviour can be found here and here.

- Speaking of clueless conservatives, my MP isn't sure which country he lives in.

- Oh, the irony. The trial of Jose Padilla has been delayed in order to judge his mental competency to stand trial after reportedly suffering from PTSD due to the abuse he's received while in US custody.

- John Murtha has a plan and Nancy Pelosi is supporting it.

- What? No elevated terror alert in Ontario? The guy must be non-Muslim, I assume, because everyone knows that Muslims are infected with something like HIV... or something...

- The Koufax Awards nominations are open. How about getting some Canadian blogs on those lists?

* h/t Wayne

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