Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cheney's Snobbery

In a predictable and boring Newsweek interview, The Man Without Doubt, Cheney shows himself for the snob he is:

Q: Bob Woodward reported that President Ford thought you had justified the war wrongly, and that Ford agreed with Colin Powell that you developed a fever about Saddam Hussein, about terrorism. Did you feel that was accurate?

A: I've never heard that from anybody but Bob Woodward.

Maybe if Cheney had bothered to listen to the actual tapes of Woodward's interview with Ford, he would know that what Woodward said was 100% true. But who needs truth when you can just smear a journalist?

And can he possibly get any more high and mighty than this?

Q: And other comments—criticism from [Brent] Scowcroft about not knowing you anymore. People have gotten quite personal, people you worked with before. You wouldn't be human if you didn't have some reaction.

A: Well, I'm vice president and they're not.

He and The Decider make the perfect pair.

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