Thursday, January 18, 2007

Space Wars

This is what happens when the US claims supremacy over the earth and the heavens:

China successfully carried out its first test of an antisatellite weapon last week, signaling its resolve to play a major role in military space activities and bringing expressions of concern from Washington and other capitals, the Bush administration said yesterday.

Only two nations — the Soviet Union and the United States — have previously destroyed spacecraft in antisatellite tests, most recently the United States in the mid-1980s.

Arms control experts called the test, in which the weapon destroyed an aging Chinese weather satellite, a troubling development that could foreshadow an antisatellite arms race. Alternatively, however, some experts speculated that it could precede a diplomatic effort by China to prod the Bush administration into negotiations on a weapons ban.

“This is the first real escalation in the weaponization of space that we’ve seen in 20 years,” said Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astronomer who tracks rocket launchings and space activity. “It ends a long period of restraint.”

White House officials said the United States and other nations, which they did not identify, had “expressed our concern regarding this action to the Chinese.” Despite its protest, the Bush administration has long resisted a global treaty banning such tests because it says it needs freedom of action in space.

Okay. If this test was an effort to prod Bushco into acting on a ban, couldn't the Chinese have just sent Washington a memo or something? Then again, knowing Bushco and how fond they are of actually listening to anybody other than the voices in their own, arrogant little heads...well...sometimes you just have to make a big bang and be done with it. And the Chinese certainly have done that.

China to Bush: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?™

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