Thursday, September 04, 2008

Protesters Removed During McCain's Speech

Via the WaPo. Looks like CODEPINK:

10:27 p.m. Two women sitting beneath the press seats attempted to unfurl a pink banner. They screamed, "Get out of Iraq," before people next to them snatched the sign and started to wrestle them out of the hall. This led to a noticeable disruption of the speech. --Matthew Mosk UPDATE: Two antiwar protesters came down aisle 118 with homemade pink cloth signs. "End the war in Iraq," yelled one, holding up the two-fingered peace sign. The signs were snatched by one man and a scuffle ensued. As one of the protestors continued toward the floor, getting within a few feet of it, she was stopped by two men. One grabbed the credential strap around her neck. The protesters were escorted out, with one McCain supporter yelling: "Sit down you Nazi!" --Kevin Merida

10:25 p.m. Multiple screaming protesters were just taken out up the aisle behind the stage and next to the press risers. The audience drowned their shouts with chants of "USA!"
--Ben Pershing

I'll post the video when it's available.

That's nothing compared to what happened outside:

In another tense showdown, police in riot gear swept into the State Capitol grounds Thursday evening, using snowplows, horses and dump trucks to seal off downtown access to a group of antiwar demonstrators attempting to march on the final night of the Republican National Convention.

The group of more than 700 demonstrators had a permit to rally and march. But the permit expired at 5 p.m. and police refused to let them march, leading to an hourlong standoff on the John Ireland Boulevard bridge over Interstate 94 at rush hour.

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said about 50 people had been arrested, but that number was expected to climb as several hundred people were blocked on the Marion Street bridge with their hands on their heads. Police used pepper spray and tear gas to quell some of the unrest.


It looks like CODEPINK was visible during Palin's speech too . Good for them. Someone needs to speak up, loudly and visibly.

Update #2:

CODEPINK in action during McCain's speech -


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